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How to maintain the mattress


14806627018.pngThe mattress is laid on the bed board so that people feel comfortable and soft while lying down and sleeping. Keeping the mattress hygienic, comfortable, beautiful, and durable enables us to get high quality sleep. How to maintain the mattress?

Maintaining hygiene: Mattresses, like bed sheets, should be cleaned regularly. As far as possible, a mattress should be placed outside the mattress. The bed should be changed regularly like a bed sheet.

Bounce is forbidden: The mattress is thick and flexible, and the mattress can bear the weight of the person, but it does not mean that it can withstand people's jumping force. If the jumping force is too strong or bouncing for a long time, it may damage the mattress and the bed frame.

Regularly change the left and right side, the reverse side: The mattress is best to replace the mattress surface every 2-3 months, and you can change the mattress surface anyway. If a face is used for three months, it will be rotated exactly one turn a year, which is beneficial to the mattress. Uniform force to prevent local collapse.

Can not get a bed as a sofa: the bed is not a sofa, the bed is used to sleep, not often in the bedside, sitting on the edge of the bed for a long time, easy to make the edge of the spring damage.

Tear off the outer plastic packaging: If it is a newly purchased mattress, in order to ensure the cleanliness of the wear point, the new mattress is covered with a layer of new plastic bags, tear off the plastic film before use, otherwise the mattress is airtight, prone to damp , resulting in moldy smell.

Moisture proof: Be careful not to immediately lie down on the bed after sweating or sweating, wait until the body is dry before drying; keep the interior ventilated from moisture to prevent the mattress lining from becoming moldy and the springs in the mattress rust and shorten the bed. The use of fire mats: can not smoke in bed, mattresses and bedding are flammable, should be away from fire; can not use electrical appliances (such as electric mattress) in bed, so as not to damage the fabric or cause fire; life. Often get the sun under the sun.

Do not squeeze or bend the mattress: when replacing the mattress temporarily, the replaced mattress should not be randomly placed, and it should be erected vertically. Do not squeeze the two sides by the weight, or store it by bending to prevent deformation.

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