Foshan MaoChuang Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.Guangdong founded in 2007 and located in China sales services of furniture - Shunde Longjiang. Professional management series mattress machinery, providing special equipment, accessories, materials and technical guidance to the mattress mattress manufacturer. The company's products have strong strength in the industry, the products offered have current advanced technology and high productivity. And according to customer needs to provide different grades of equipment.


Business philosophy
customers expect us to do, the customers did not expect us to think;
Development strategy
the synchronization with the giant counterparts with the world; Core values: vision, innovation, responsibility;
Core values
vision, innovation, responsibility;
Decision Appearance
systems thinking bold ideas constantly trying to timely amend sustained progress;
Business philosophy
to meet customer first, profit second creation;
Talent Concept
how much capability, the stage is more wide;
Staff concept
continuous learning, premium services;
Marketing idea:
brand management, the value of sales; there is no off-season market, only the off-season thoughts.
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