MCOur basic goal is to establish long-term, positive relationships with our customers. This relationship is based on mutual respect and mutual honesty, and provides consistent and thoughtful protection for the needs and interests of customers. In order to win customers, we not only continue to improve product quality, ensure quality and cheap, but also pay more attention to product quality.

First, the work of the service department
The customer's purchase of the products sold by our company is just the beginning of the interaction with our company and the beginning of the after-sales service department. During the entire period of the customers' use of the machine, all our after-sales service personnel are thoughtful, meticulous, enthusiastic, and timely. This allows customers to use the equipment with ease and no worries, and can truly experience the convenience and value created by our products for customers.

Second, the principle of service
1, perfect after-sale training courses. Respond to customers' calls in a timely manner and take the initiative to on-site service to quickly handle problems that occur during the use of the machine.
2. The warranty period is one year. Replacement of spare parts caused by quality problems of new products, our company provides free replacement. During the warranty period, free maintenance (if the buyer can't solve it by yourself, we will send a professional to guide. The travel expenses and accommodation expenses incurred during this period will be borne by the buyer. During the warranty period, our company will provide free services and provide accessories) . After the warranty period has passed, there will be quality problems (If the buyer can't solve it by yourself, we can send a professional to guide you. However, the expenses incurred during this period, such as travel expenses and accommodation, are entirely borne by the buyer, and the company's employees are required to pay labor costs and zero per day. The cost of accessories).
3, honest and trustworthy, there is promise to practice.

Third, the service commitment
1, according to customer needs, to provide you with the best design, professional information to guide the purchase of products;
2, professional installation, commissioning, to ensure the normal operation of the equipment;
3, factory products to achieve high quality and reliable;
4. In the process of using the product, the product finds quality problems, and responds within 24 hours after receiving the user's notice, or sends service personnel to handle it;
5, a variety of products, strict implementation of user supervision and factory inspection system;
6, the company's products to the factory, the whole machine warranty for 1 year, life-long for you to provide quality services; telephone return visits, tracking services, allowing you to use more comfortable;
7, to ensure the provision of maintenance spare parts, and according to user requirements to do maintenance services.

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